We're here to stop
human trafficking,
Help us bring them home.

together we can rewrite the story for countless individuals.

We are a team with heart and with intelligence at our fingertips. As a coalition, Ghost Orchid is made up of national security and intelligence professionals, analysts and technical experts. Some of the best and brightest the country has to offer. We are mothers, fathers, and family members who are passionate about members of the community. Join us.

our mission is to completely stop human trafficking at its core. ​

Our mission is to rid the world of human trafficking using the finest technology and training available, raise awareness, and ultimately bring the victims home. Hidden in the shadows just like the ghost orchid, our team will target and track the bad guys and stop the exploitation of humans against their will.

we collect actionable intelligence to support law enforcement raids and prosecution of traffickers.

No single community can abolish modern-day slavery alone. It requires a network of well-trained, like-minded shadow warriors and supportive patrons. Together let’s concentrate our efforts to rescue, protect, and return the children to their parents and make this the NEW ending.

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