We believe in shining light into darkness.
LIGHT saves humanity.

our mission:

Our mission is to rid the world of human trafficking using the finest technology and training available, raise awareness, and ultimately bring the victims home.


We leverage our vast international Intelligence Networks, innovative technologies and smart analytics within our state-of-the-art Intelligence Fusion Center in support of law enforcement to cure the transnational cancer we call Human Trafficking.


Traffickers lure, bait, recruit and - in some instances - abduct children from our schools and communities. Bringing human trafficking awareness to the masses through robust, customized corporate training and educational programs will arm citizens of our communities with the knowledge they need to spot, assess, report and deter the business of human trafficking from establishing roots.


Ghost Orchid aims to disrupt traffickers from gaining a foothold in our communities via supporting prosecution teams and local law enforcement agencies through actionable intelligence, surveillance and targeting.  Our efforts were successful in the neutralization of transnational organized crime and terrorist leaders and our teams are now home from overseas operations protecting our families and communities from harm.

The Ghost Orchid is a beautiful, fragile and rare flower found in just a couple of the most remote areas around the world. This Orchid, when removed from its natural environment, has a low percentage of survival. Our Coalition is a group dedicated to searching for and recovering the Ghost Orchids taken from our communities. We’re the ghost in the darkness tirelessly pursuing those who would remove our precious Orchids, the victims of human trafficking from their natural environment.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."

Martin Luther King

join the mission

Dismantling human trafficking in our lifetime requires an active community of individuals like you as well as intelligence, investigative and operational professionals who are highly skilled to support law enforcement. Help join the fight and start your own campaign in your community to raise both awareness and funds to support this important mission. Together we can help bring the men, women and children of human trafficking back home.