Uber Drivers Trained to Look out for Signs of Sex Trafficking

Uber Drivers Trained to Look out for Signs of Sex Trafficking

While visitors from all over the country flock to Atlanta for Super Bowl festivities it has come to light that with this great event comes great horrors.

For the last several years, every city that has hosted the Super Bowl has waged an aggressive campaign against sex trafficking. This male dominated event, America’s biggest sporting event, may also be America’s biggest sex-trafficking event. Similarly to the world cup, this event draws lots of people from out of town and procurers’ or “Pimps” see this as an opportunity.

The city of Atlanta, according to many reports, already has a problem with human trafficking. Some even ranking it as the worst city for human trafficking in our country.

Technically, “There’s no evidence that the Super Bowl has a higher than average rate of human trafficking. But sex work does spike when travel increases for a big event, experts say. And sex work and human trafficking often go hand-in-hand.”  says Kalhan Rosenblatt, a reporter for NBC News

Fortunately, in preparation for the event  Uber drivers were given lessons on how to spot sex trafficking victims. Similar to Shelia Fedrick, the flight attendant who “instinctively felt something was wrong” when she saved a woman from her trafficker ona flight from Seattle to San Francisco.

The Uber office held a training session with about 70 drivers in attendance. Arming drivers with information and tips and reminding them to be vigilant.

Richardson noted that spotting a victim can come in various forms like a suspicious demeanor or how they’re dressed.

Trafficking victims are not often dressed appropriately for the season or the time of day,” she said.

Informing drivers to be on the lookout and shed a light on how a big event like the Super Bowl can be a big draw for people.

“Whenever you have lots of people coming in with disposable income, you are going to have human trafficking,” said Deborah Richardson executive director of the International Human Trafficking Institute

Richardson noted people can call and report suspicious activity at 1-888-373-7888 or text 233733.

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