Timothy Gill, Founder of Ghost Orchid Coalition, Met with U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

Timothy Gill, Founder of Ghost Orchid Coalition, Met with U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

NASHVILLE, TN- July 9th, 2019

On Tuesday, Timothy Gill, Founder of Ghost Orchid Coalition, had the pleasure to meet with U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) as well as U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and their staff to discuss Ghost Orchid Coalition’s ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking in the State of Tennessee and throughout the United States.  In his meetings with the two U.S. Senators and staff, Mr. Gill explained in great detail about the unfortunate collateral benefit that motivates transnational traffickers – such as MS-13 – to passively/aggressively abduct teenage girls and women– addicted to opiates — through social media and addiction centers respectively. Transnational organized crime and terrorist organizations see a windfall profit when using these women and children because their profits are traced through conventional banking methods hence trafficking provides significant financial engines to fund criminal and terrorist operations.

Mr. Gill shared how Ghost Orchid Coalition was actively using their Nashville-based intelligence operations center to collect actionable intelligence on trafficking operations with the goal to push such intelligence to local police precincts and disrupt trafficking operations.  U.S. Senators Blackburn and Alexander are on the forefront of pushing forth legislation to make it harder for traffickers to operate/recruit/exploit and abduct women and children throughout the State of Tennessee and the United States.  Mr. Gill highlighted the fact that human traffickers are no longer confined to a geographical domain but move their victims via the Interstates and back country roads where local precincts – not fully sensitized to the clandestine tradecraft of traffickers – conduct the buying/selling of women in domains least likely to cause suspicion. 

Senator Blackburn was one of the first leaders to raise concerns about backpage.com. She spoke out about it and began drawing attention to the issue in 2015. She cosponsored legislation to clarify that law enforcement may take actions against morally repugnant websites that facilitate human trafficking, regardless of the immunity they otherwise enjoy for user-generated content GOC hopes to continue to work with her and Senator Lamar Alexander to combat human trafficking nationwide.

Ghost Orchid Coalition – a network of seasoned law enforcement and intelligence professionals – is moving forward with a mission to level the playing field and routing out the dark corners where traffickers exploit and abduct and is actively seeking corporate partnerships, providing educational, training and certification programs for companies and their respective employees.


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